Patient Services
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Your recovery is personal, your treatment should be as well

Personalized medicine means that we treat each patient as an individual. We often begin patient care with pharmacogenomic testing to ensure that customize the right treatment plan for each individual. Pharacogenomics is the study of how genetics relate to the variability of drug response between individuals, and the outcome of the tests allows us to customize a treatment plan that is evidence-based and offers optimal results for your body.

Your pathway to success

One-on-One Meeting

Genetic Testing

Treatment Plan

Personalized Addiction Services

Our concierge medical professionals cater to your individual needs. We consider your specific situation, your life story and your genetic vulnerability when formulating a treatment plan. This approach allows us to build strong connections and close relationships with you and your family.

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Intervention Services

Followup Treatment

Patient Intervention Services

Deciding to get treatment is a pivotal and sometimes difficult moment in someone’s life. An Interventionist can provide the information and support to guide individuals, ensuring they receive appropriate care. An intervention itself is not treatment, but rather the doorway to potentially live saving medical services.

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Relapse Prevention

Exclusive Treatment

Continuing Care Services

We develop long term and caring relationships with our patients that focus on healing and well-being. Sometimes continuing care follows a detoxification regimen and is part of relapse prevention, but other times we see patients exclusively for continuing care, not as a follow-up to any treatment.

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About genetic testing

“If you’re suffering from mental health challenges, the last thing anyone wants to go through is a lengthy trial and error process with multiple medications. The process can be frustrating and leave people feeling worse, not better.  Fortunately, through GeneSight’s genetic testing, doctors can get answers that quickly lead to relief.” Genesight