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Seeking a true strategic partner to consult on business needs should be a collaborative, inspiring experience. Genovese Medical takes the time to listen closely to opportunities or obstacles that our partners are currently facing, and approach the solution from a multi-facted, client-first approach. Be it medical, clinical, operational or marketing and business development, the industry leaders at Genovese Medical will lean on their extensive experience, while approaching the partnership from a collaborative, inclusive position. Genovese Medical will provide their insights and guidance with the overall health of your long-term business goals as the primary motivation. With deep knowledge across a broad range of healthcare sectors, Genovese Medical will help you reach the next phase of your growth.

Navigating Investment

The healthcare segment continues to be a complex, nuanced field with Behavioral Health navigation being at the forefront of need. The challenge for investors in the healthcare field is finding the right team of experts with the industry experience across all segments that will allow for a comprehensive assessment of a potential venture. Genovese Medical has the resources to help those looking for investment guidance to make the right choices and prevent unforeseen obstacles that are inherent in the healthcare sector. With a combination of medical, proceedural, operational and business development insights that span decades of combined know-how, Genovese Medical will help you make the most sound, informed investment choice.

15 Years of Medical Experience

What we know about addiction changes every day. We have seen the industry evolve dramatically and for the past 15 years we have been at the forefront of research and incorporating cutting-edge technology into our practice. We understand traditional medical values, but we are constatly searching for ways to improve and adapt modern applications such as pharmacogenomic testing and neuromodulation. We work every day to push addiction medicine to be the best and most efficient in can be.

Our Collaborators


Pelorus Health utilizes the combination of technology and real-time support to facilitate better outcomes, reduced costs and improved lives for behavioral health providers and patients.

The Camden Center

The Camden Center is a team of nationally-recognized Medical Doctors, Psychotherapists, and Integrative Medicine specialists who have been recruited as experts in their field to work with our patients.